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Recycling Mural Project

Carman Park Baker Career Academy
3375 Van Campen Drive
Flint, MI 48507

Project: “Going Green” Mural

Project Purpose: To increase community awareness about the necessity of being ecologically-mindful and ways to reduce consumption, and to recycle/reuse/restore/reclaim, leading to a healthier environment.

Brief Summary of Project:
There is healing in art, and allowing students who have been mandated to a remedial program to design and paint a mural which educates others will have long-term positive impact on them as well as inspire all who view the mural about the importance of “going green.” The mural project was funded by a Ruth Mott beautification grant which paid for all material.

Gregg Bugala, a local mural artist from Fenton, MI had donated all the time necessary to collaborate and teach the students how to make and paint a mural. Since the theme of the mural was recycling/Go green awareness, They decided to use Sherwin Williams eco-friendly paints like Duration and Harmony paints to do the whole mural. The final result is a bright, colorful and imaginative addition to their otherwise dim and stark cafeteria. Now that the project has been finished, the students who were involved are very excited not only of being involved, but also the school’s spirit is uplifted for the whole student body and the teachers. It also proves that all the students involved are really very artistic and can offer something good to their community. All this in one of the most depressed economic areas in the country!

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