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Painting Murals on Canvas

One of the many archaic mural painting techniques that Bugala has utilized is the revival of mareflauge, a way of painting onto a canvas support that is portable. This is a great alternative to painting directly onto the wall. The mural is painted onto a canvas that’s the same size as the wall or ceiling that it’s going on, except the canvas is in the studio stretched onto a frame and then removed, rolled up, and then glued onto the wall like wallpaper.

Once accurate measurements of the wall or ceiling are made, and an accurate color palette is determined, all the painting is done in his studio. He chooses polyester canvas over cotton because

it’s less prone to shrink and expand depending on humidity changes. Since canvas comes in rolls as wide as 12’ in any length he needs, size is not a limiting factor.

Once the sketch is approved, the drawing is transferred to the canvas and painting begins. Sometimes changes are made as the painting progresses, but not without Gregg emailing revisions through photos he’s been taking through the whole job. A final photo is taken and emailed to customer for their ok before canvas is shipped to them. Once installed onto the wall or ceiling, the artwork is removable, portable, and archival, which means it cannot be affected by bad drywall, or nail pops.

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